Sarah Cunningham discusses creativity and Instagram - the sleeping giant of social media.

An advocate of the powers of Instagram marketing, AdRoll’s Sarah Cunningham talks about developing creative and inspiring content to captivate your audience.

To start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Marketing Manager for AdRoll EMEA where I head up demand gen programs and account based marketing strategies.I have over 8 years marketing experience and a passion for B2B tech marketing. You can find my professional story on my LinkedIn profile here and my personal story on my Instagram page here.

How did you get into your career?

By working hard, making the right connections and being myself.

What do you consider the greatest achievement in your work to date?

I am proud of being one of the female leaders at AdRoll EMEA and it’s all of the small and the big achievements combined along the way that have got me here.

How does Social Media support your work?

AdRoll uses social media in a number of ways. We are a Facebook Marketing Partner and some of our products include Retargeting and Prospecting across social.

We also use social for our own Marketing campaigns both paid and organic. We promote new content and research, we engage with customers and prospects and it’s a great tool to support our hectic events schedule across multiple regions.

AdRoll was born in San Francisco ten years ago. In order to be a truly global company, you must be successful at a local level and social media has helped achieve this along our journey.

Create beautiful, compelling ads

What is the one app you can’t live without? Personally and for your business!

Personally, Instagram, which I’ve been on since 2011. Yes, I post heavily filtered pictures of my life on the Social Network.. but I also use it for inspiration in the home, for art and for business. The app launched a new feature this year where you can “save posts” which I love! Professionally it’s Blinkst. It’s the most expensive app I have ever bought but it’s worth it. Do you have 100 business books on your ‘to read’ list or multiple tabs open of Harvard Business Review articles on your browser that you just can’t find the time to read? This app will solve that. I listen to one Blinkst a day to learn quick snippets that help my professional development in management, teamwork and more. There’s also a load to learn when it comes to mindfulness and creative thinking.

What is the one piece of Social Media advice you would give to businesses?

Don’t underestimate the power and reach of Social Media Advertising! And always remember to create beautiful, compelling ads!

What do you think is the next big thing in Social Media?

It’s already big, but it’s about to get a lot bigger: Influencer Marketing. Check out the Google trend on the search term below! A multi-billion industry has been created and new wave companies like Voltu and indahash are on the rise.

What will your business be focusing on in the Social Media landscape this year?

Our own Marketing efforts will focus on the customer journey and how social can impact this. Making sure our prospects and customers engage with compelling and tailored content, served at the right time will be key. We will also use social as part of big brand initiatives including some events and product announcements.

From a product perspective, we will continue to evolve our product and performance across social and keep up with the latest and greatest - including video!

What has twice as many users as Twitter but only a third of the marketing focus of Facebook?

What can the attendees of this year’s Social Media Summit look forward to hearing from you?

What has twice as many users as Twitter but only a third of the marketing focus of Facebook? Instagram! I’ll be shining a light on all things Instagram on the 11th of April at 11am. From growing organic reach through best in class engagement to paid ad campaigns that win, this is a session not to be missed and covers:

  •      What does the Instagram landscape look like in 2017?
  •      How can you leverage influencers and the organic marketing opportunities?
  •      The brave new world of Instagram Ads, and how to win in it
  •      Top brands nailing Instagram

What are you most looking forward to at the Social Media Summit this year?

I can’t wait to hear from HubSpot’s Lisa Toner - we have partnered with HubSpot on a couple of campaigns this year including Marketing Week Live in London and a new whitepaper that launched this week: Display Ads and Inbound Marketing! Hubspot is a fantastic company and always have killer content. I’m also looking forward to hearing from an old friend, Jamie White, founder of Leading Social, on how his business is evolving with recent trends in social. I’ll be front row for Qualtric’s Jacinta Walker’s session too - we recently partnered with Qualtrics on the research report The State of Performance Marketing.

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