How will you benefit by attending the Social Media Summit?

There is no excuse for being in business and not being on social media. With 1.8 billion people on Facebook, 600 million on Instagram, and 317 million on Twitter it is the most targeted way to reach the audience that will buy your product or service. Social media has come from being the poor cousin of traditional marketing, a series of links on your website leading to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages whose feeds are growing cobwebs, have “about” sections that were outdated a year ago, and header images that are contorted and pixelated, to being recognised as the face of an advertising revolution. Social media marketing is the most targeted and cost effective way to market your business - if you know how.

Mistakes on social media are largely down to a lack of knowledge of how best to use the different platforms. From 10 year olds on Snapchat to grandmothers on Facebook, there is a way to reach your audience - if you know where to look and how to present yourself. Using a platform for personal use gives the false sense of security that you understand how to implement your social strategy through it; when we transfer our basic functional understanding to designing a marketing strategy problems come to the surface because we haven’t credited social media with the same deference as traditional marketing education. You’re visible, but only to those who know you’re there already. Your feed displays the colourful personality and abundant expertise of your business but no one’s watching. You appreciate that there is an audience out there waiting to sit up and pay attention to you but they’re looking at your competitor instead - not because they’re better at what you do than you but because they know how to sell themselves on social media.

At Social Media Summit we know that, as marketing professionals, you get that you need a Facebook page, to pay for social advertising, and to be active on your social feeds. Social Media Summit is not about teaching you the basics or selling you a catch-all platform for all your social media needs - it’s about taking you that step further to impact a tangible change in your marketing strategy. 

Listen and learn

Social Media Summit is about people and stories - those who have grown their brand, business, and career using social media. It’s an opportunity to learn from their expertise and to be inspired. With speakers from the biggest international brands (from Twitter and HubSpot to Airbnb and Paddy Power) this is your opportunity to learn from the people who have impacted the social landscape.

Get a new direction

Routine is the bane of social media. It’s an industry that never stops changing and adapting to people’s needs; if you aren’t moving with the times you’re getting left behind. Social Media Summit is a chance to take stock and shake up your social media plan, breathing fresh air into your content calendar and helping you find your niche across the social platforms. Day Two consists of a series of masterclasses, giving you the tools to reinvent your social strategy.

Plan for the future

What’s coming next in social media? We can’t give you an insight into Mark Zuckerberg’s brain but with speakers like Mari Smith, Facebook’s designated Small Business and Facebook Marketing Expert and #4 on Forbes’ list of Top Social Media Power Influencers who will be giving you her take on what will be coming next for the platform, Social Media Summit is your opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors in your marketing plan.

That lightbulb moment

With so much packed into two days of Social Media Summit the schedule is full of inspirational content. With speakers spanning mediums and industries there is so much scope for you to find that moment that resonates with you, that will capture your imagination, and change the way you approach social media marketing. 

Grow your network

Don’t just sit back and listen to the speakers at Social Media Summit - talk to them and ask them questions in the room and online. Meet the people that are working alongside you in the social media marketing sphere, talk to them, find out what they’re doing, what’s worked for them. Social media is at its core about building relationships so use this opportunity to grow your network.


  • Be inspired by and meet some of the brightest minds in social media
  • Learn from the experts and real life success stories
  • Network with your industry peers
  • Come away with the tools to reinvent your plan to succeed on social media

Social Media Summit is taking place in Croke Park on 11-12th April 2017. Tickets are on sale for €350 at now.

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