The story of the Social Media Summit video was used

Having decided to bring the Social Media Summit to Ireland, I knew that people would be watching my progress. This wasn’t going to be an easy task. True, Irish businesses were using social media but they seemed to have a real fear around it and didn’t fully understand what they were doing (this was the reason I created the summit in the first place)

So I decided that video was going to play a real role in getting this message to people. Video is the fastest way to reach your audience and live video gets to your audience in real time, making them feel part of your journey and feel included as they can comment etc. A shout out from a person they admire and follow can really make someone’s day.

So the first way I used video was to promote the event at the launch. We got all of the photos of the speakers and made this.

This really created a buzz, and people at the launch loved it. Also the music on a lunchtime weekday woke everyone up! 

This video was shared by lots at the event and we trended on Twitter that day too.

After that, every time I had meetings etc I would take a Snapchat story or Periscope. When my car broke down I even did a video about that! This all added to the story telling in the run up to the event. One day I was in Dublin and someone tweeted to me that the banner ad was up on Dame Street. This ad was sponsored by Dublin City Council and was HUGE! I just had to get over there! So I jumped in a cab, and asked the taxi driver would he hold my phone and record. He was a bit bemused. He had to wait on me to bring me back to the meeting I was supposed to be attending…..and this was the result

People thought this was quite funny, especially the taxi driver and all of the people going past on the bus! While I was no expert on video it was effective in creating the buzz I needed to.

At the event itself, Brian Fanzo and Ted Rubin among others really helped. Brian filmed his talk and got it up on YouTube more or less straight away!

After the event, we had plenty of time to interview the speakers and get content for the following year which takes place on 11 and 12 April 2017’s what Brian said afterwards:


Samantha Kelly

Founder I Social Media Summit


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