What I took away from Social Media Summit 2016

So I'm fairly new to the social media world and apart from using Facebook, twitter and viewing the odd LinkedIn profile, I'm still on a learning curve. Listening to Samantha Kelly on Q102 in February 16 I was eager to learn more and especially at the Social Media Summit.

I run a charity on a voluntary basis in south Dublin for adults with an Intellectual Disability called Dundrum Arch Club. We are a social club for over 100 members that meets weekly and we work hard to fundraise and promote our club with support from over 25 volunteers and 50 drivers who drive members once a month. One of our goals for 2016/2017 is to encourage our members to become more savvy when it comes to social media, whilst making sure they are safe online. 

So taking all that into account I have highlighted a few key takeaways which I hope to put into practice during 2017:

1. Why personal is best?

Melonie Dodaro spoke so well and to the point that I'm sure everyone signed up to LinkedIn after her talk. I really enjoyed the focus on 'why personal is best' versus being too general and vague. Recommendations are key. I still have to roll this out within my club for some of my more techie members.

2. Viva la YouTube

Steve Dotto has so much energy and the room was abuzz with electricity. He amazed me with his knowledge of a channel that we all should be using more of. Our members use youtube more than television and this is something we have rolled out in our organization as a means of communicating. A big hit in our group!

Conor Coffey from Dundrum Arch Club using his 2 devices to watch TV and send messages. He watches his soaps on his iPad!

Conor Coffey from Dundrum Arch Club using his 2 devices to watch TV and send messages. He watches his soaps on his iPad!

3. Twitter I had never tweeted before.

That's right yet I'm at the biggest event in 2016- the Social Media Summit. After the Summit I was hooked and have never looked back. This year I will be getting some of my members to update our twitter feed (via me for approval) and I know there is excitement brewing already.

4. The 8 step rule

Who knew it would be this easy?? Of course it's not but I have taken Joanne Sweeney Burkes guide on board over the last year and tried to implement it across my charity Dundrum Arch Club. Now to find a sponsor to support this fully...

Samantha Kelly has created an event that is so inclusive and catered for all levels of expertise. She kindly took time out of her event to chat with me and made me want to hear more! She brought in the best speakers from the social media world and has now made this a calendar event for all. Thank you 'tweetinggoddess'...

Looking forward to the 2017 event already and perhaps being more confident and talk to more experts on the day.

Lorraine Keegan

2016 Attendee I Social Media Summit

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